Insulation Removal

Besides insulation installation services, Southern Attic Systems provides insulation removal services. If your insulation has become damaged by rodents, mold, water damage from a leaky roof or is over 20 years old, then you may want to consider having your insulation removed and upgraded. By removing old or contaminated insulation, Southern Attic Systems can improve your indoor air quality and increase your homes energy efficiency.

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Why do you need to remove your insulation?

Insulation damaged by rodents - has a dramatic impact on the air quality and health of your home. Removing insulation that is contaminated by rodent carcasses, droppings, feces, and urine left behind from rodents and replacing it with new insulation will not only increase your indoor air quality, it will also improve the energy efficiency of your home.
Mold or water damage on the insulation - reduces the efficiency of your insulation and may also have an impact on your indoor air quality. Removing insulation that has mold or water damage is important because it can cause structural issues with your home.
Old insulation - if insulation is over 20 years old it can increase your energy bills. 99% of the time old insulation is contaminated with rodent activity and dust/dirt that drastically reduces the effectiveness and R value of your insulation. By removing old insulation and adding new insulation you increase your indoor air quality and can reduce your energy bills.


Removing old, contaminated or damaged insulation is of vital importance for your home and your health. Poor indoor air quality can lead to major health issues and put your family in danger. When searching for an insulation removal company it is very important to use a professional and experienced company. At Southern Attic Systems we train our workers to keep your home safe and clean during this process.

Insulation Services

The attic is out of sight out of mind yet is the top spot when it comes to your homes energy efficiency, heat loss, indoor air quality and overall home comfort. The right insulation that is installed properly can reduce your energy bills up to 30% and increase the comfort level of your home.

R-Value Explained

R-Value is the measure of the insulation effectiveness and resistance to heat. Cellulose insulation has a higher R-Value per inch than Fiberglass insulation. In fact fiberglass insulation can lose its initial effective R-Value when the weather is extremely cold or hot.

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Types of Insulation

1. Blown-in insulation - is ideal for new construction, retrofits, and finished walls. Blown-in insulation offers a solid blanket of insulation with no gaps, giving you complete coverage.

Benefits of Applegate Stabilized Cellulose - treated with a natural mineral, Borite.
- Increases fire resistance
- Resists mold
- Natural rodent detergent
- Non toxic
- Proven to offer a better thermal (higher R-Value) than fiberglass insulation

2. SilverGlo rigid foam board - provides the highest R-Value per inch. SliverGlo is a great alternative to spray foam insulation. SliverGlo allows your roof decking to breathe while providing the same effectiveness and efficiency as spray foam insulation.

New insulation is one of the most cost effective ways to reduce your home's energy bills. The right insulation not only minimizes the demand on your home's heating and cooling system, it also reduces noise from outside and minimizes temperature fluctuations in your home.

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